Monday, September 29, 2014

One week - Eek!!

OK. It's Monday. The half is Sunday!! I am already having half-related nightmares - yay....

I seriously dreamt I was running through some kind of Chinese import-export business and got lost! Then I tried to check in at the first station (you had to sign in!) and they were testing some new technology so I had to stand there and wait before I could sign in!!  When I finally got past that, I ran into a marching band (walking a half marathon with instruments). I was all set to be almost done and when I finally found someone actually running the race and asked how far we'd gone - they said 1.5 miles. *sigh*

So if my week continues like this, I will have some good stories come Sunday!

For now, I am just trying to make it through the week. Tomorrow I will do a SUPER slow 6 mile run. I need to mentally convince myself I have no where to be, nothing is stopping me from going slow and that SLOW will not injure my leg like sprinting seems to do!

Thursday I will hit yogalates at the gym and stretch myself all out. I am definitely planning to skip some of my more intense cardio classes this week. That pesky IT band doesn't need any encouragement this week! I was feeling pretty good after my run this weekend and I don't want to ruin anything!

I skipped a LONG run on Sunday because we were camping. The WHOLE campsite, all the way around both sections, was 1 mile. There was a hill on the site that climbing to get to the restroom from our campsite (which was about halfway down the hill) counted as FOUR flights of stairs on my FitBit. By the end of my run, I was at 34 flights climbed!! I only wound up running a 5k (32 minutes) but it was a definite challenge. Instead of pushing myself (potentially hurting myself!) I decided to shorten my run and do my longer run at home where the hills aren't quite as bad. :-)

So, less than a week to my fifth half marathon.  I am nervous, anxious and excited!

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  1. Sunday will be my fifth half marathon as well. It's my first time running the Cowbell and I don't know St. Charles very well so I am pretty excited.