Monday, March 26, 2012


That's more like it!!!

(2nd Detox/Day 6)

I am all of a sudden NOT having cravings. My mood hasn't been in the toilet and I haven't been stuffing my face with everything known to man.

I forgot how "even" feels. I have eaten WELL over my Weight Watchers points for the last few weeks, resulting in some pretty ugly weigh ins (up to 157.5 last week!)  This week, I'm down 1.5lbs. I found it hard to decide what to eat today and when I did, it filled me up just fine! Loving it.

We've been assembling a swing set for the past week, so I've slacked in my running (boo!) but the swing set is almost complete (just need to add swings and anchors!) so I'm back to my regularly scheduled running ASAP!

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