Sunday, March 4, 2012

A "healthy" weight?

I am four pounds from my "goal weight" - 150. My intention tonight was to blog about how to start FEELING like the weight is gone.  However, as I started looking at "ideal weight calculators," (a little research onto my goal number), the numbers were so vastly different! I think that's going to be where I need to start as I think about my "goal" and whether or not it's where I want to stop. 

 I remember that at 175, when I set my "ultimate dream goal" of 150lbs, I thought "Right. My body that has carried and birthed two children, in my 30's now and addicted to sugar? NEVER GONNA HAPPEN."  

And yet, here I am. One year and some change after giving birth to my son, I am 33lbs lighter, the smallest I've been in at least 7 years, more athletic than I've ever been in my *entire* life...  I'm staring at 150lbs and it's so attainable now.

Here are just a few of the results of the calculators - I put 5'7" tall, female and 154lbs into each. 

So while my 150 goal is within all of the recommendations, I'm realizing how much lower the MIDPOINT is - 140 seems to be closer to "ideal" than 150. 

So how do I determine where my stopping point is?  What do guidelines do you follow? Do you go by how you feel? Medical tests (cholesterol, etc)? Pants size? Athletic accomplishment? 

My next post is going to be a little self-help/therapy session, so if you're not into that, skip it ;-) 


  1. I know I'm at the right weight when I feel good and am happy with how my body responds to the activities I want to be able to do. Right now, I'm not doing well. I'm unhappy and not able to do the things I want to do. 30 pounds lighter and I'll feel like a million bucks. I've been there before and have never felt that good in my life.

  2. I would say, it depends on how you want to live life. I would want to find a weight that I could stay at comfortably -- meaning, I can have a few drinks, go out for dinner -- whatever -- and not think that I am constantly "on a diet" type of thing. Does that make sense? I know you are eating healthier all around, so being able to treat yourself or splurge once in a while probably won't be a big deal.

    The other thing, would be to not have aches and pains and to be able to perform whatever activities you would want.

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