Thursday, March 22, 2012

On the road again...

Just like Jen, I'm back to quitting sugar completely again.  I found that I'm uncomfortable, bloated, crabby & emotional - all things that I wasn't when there was no sugar in my system!

It's been a hard week. I've wanted to quit multiple times already, but I haven't done it!  I am even going back and reading the blog for inspiration and to remember WHAT THE HECK I was eating last time I did this :-)

I am keeping a bit of fruit in for the first week or two. I made the baked steel cut oats for breakfast this week, since I've been having a hard time figuring out what to eat for breakfast now, and used blueberries and apples in the casserole.  But I'm trying to keep it only to breakfast time and not snacks throughout the day (or else I'd be eating 3-4 pieces of fruit just trying to get through!)  I am also excited to have found ketchup with NO SUGAR ADDED!! Very exciting for a ketchup addict! It was a big win with my preschooler and I'll learn to love it too.

I'm also heavily relying on Jillian Michael's detox water. 60 oz of water guaranteed to be in my system (I've really been slacking on the hydration!) and here's hoping the dandelion tea works it's magic too!

I'm excited to know a few people who are quitting sugar starting on Monday. It will be great motivation for me to know that they are following this path for the first time and to remember what it was for me to do it last October.

I ran five miles in 54 minutes yesterday.  Again, I'm not fast, but I am definitely improving and getting somewhat faster. I attribute my increase in strength to my yoga and Pilates classes. I feel SO MUCH stronger and in control than I used to. I highly recommend finding out if you have access to either or both of these classes! A great investment of time.

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  1. Crossing fingers that I can do this as well as you have! :) And thanks for the Pilates/Yoga reminder - we got a DVD last month to do at home after the kids go to bed and I've completely forgotten about it!