Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Checking in

Halfway through day 2 and the only thing I am feeling is EXHAUSTED. My heart RACED last night from the time I got into bed at 9 until I finally fell asleep at 1am.  Then I woke up at 3:00 for another 45 minutes and was up for the day by 6:45.  I don't remember this from last time at all.  Just hoping to stay focused enough to get things done today so I can move on. 

I remembered how physically bankrupt I was the first few weeks so I plan to take my runs easy - not shorten them but definitely go a little slower and stay inside until the INSANE heat strike is over here in St. Louis!  Yoga today wasn't a high calorie burn but I needed the stretch in my hips to loosen up that darned IT band!

So day 1 under my belt. I am breaking a few rules this time -
* using half and half *I know from my previous Whole30 that I do not have a reaction to dairy. I am limiting myself to 2 cups max, but I know from the last time that by day 14, I will stop requiring coffee for the most part.
* logging my food - ONLY to ensure I am eating enough carbs to sustain my half marathon training.
* weighing myself. Because I like it. 

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