Sunday, August 24, 2014

Decision Time!

As I mentioned before, I have been looking at options for the next 6 weeks (exactly 6 weeks from today, eeek!)

And I finally settled on my plan.

I am starting another Whole30 tomorrow.  I know to people who haven't completed or attempted one that this looks ridiculous. I hated it, it was HARD to complete and there are so many rules - but I've never felt better in my LIFE. 

This isn't a desperate attempt to lose weight, it isn't a "get thin quick" trick. It's a total-life decision. I had no pain, I was STRONGER and I could more easily control cravings and my emotions!  A Whole30 is just that - 30 days. Temporary.  I am going to track my calories this time, though, only to make sure I am getting sufficient carbs to support my half marathon training. 

If my training suffers for much longer than 2 weeks, I will definitely bail, but my research all shows once your body is fat adapted, running only gets stronger. 

I will say here (and I'll say it again, as I'm sure I'll be posting more food pictures!) that I am going to allow myself dairy 1x a day - in my coffee. Only because I just purchased and opened a brand new half gallon of organic Horizon half and half yesterday... :-)   And from my previous W30 I know I don't have any issues with dairy. 

So.... bring it on, 30 days.   My new mantra: I can do anything for 30 days. 

Today I woke up and at 6:25 the temperature was already around 85 and the humidity was over 70% so I decided I would hit the treadmill (DREADMILL!) later today instead of slogging through 8 mile in the humidity. I have run this interval training a few times now but today was the first time I actually finished it! 

I "dumb down" the speeds, usually about .5-1 on each. I am not in a place to sustain those speeds for that amount of time just yet, but I am improving!! I can feel it, so it won't be long before I am able to do this workout unmodified. 

Tomorrow I will be going to a foam rolling class at one of the local running stores. I am excited to learn different ways to attack my IT band and to use my foam roller more effectively! 

Here goes nothing, friends!! 

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