Thursday, August 21, 2014

I learned a new trick!

I mentioned last time I posted (geez it's been awhile, sorry!) that I was going to start running again. I've been doing well with distance, just not my self-maintenance. 

Run with Sara

Fastest Mile Ever (treadmill)
- was actually completed in 9:03!

Thursday run while my little guy was at school

So then last Sunday I was scheduled to run 10 miles.  My knee was bothering me, but nothing too severe so I just went on with my run. About 3 miles in, I realized that my knee wasn't going to make it 10 miles this week.  I aimed for 7, which is an improvement on the distances I've been going (6 miles three times in a week!) but not ridiculous. I know that when my knee hurts, it's my IT band at work. I had planned to roll it out this week and just never got around to it - my bad! 

When I came home, I took an epsom salt bath and rubbed my DoTerra Deep Blue into my knee. I put a heat pack on it and went about my day. Babying it, however, just wound up straining other muscles, namely calf and the back of my knee. I have been resting it ever since. I found a video about foam rolling that was a GAME CHANGER for me.  I linked to it below. The KEY point - your IT band isn't a muscle - it's a tendon. So foam rolling ON your IT band will actually stick it to the muscle behind it MORE making it less flexible. The key and game changing information - foam roll your hip and upper knee on a 45 degree angle, the places where the tendon attaches, because THOSE are the muscles that need to release to help the pain. 

As SOON as I was done with this, the IT band pain was almost non-existent.  GLORIOUS!  I went to yoga on Tuesday to try to further open my hips and stretch myself out. I am going to attempt a run tomorrow morning (although we have "record high temps" in the forecast, so I probably won't aim for millions of miles, just a test on my knee!).  I NEED to get out. I am going NUTS here this week. My anxiety is freaking through the roof and I am combating it by BAKING!  At least today's recipe wasn't TOO terrible (Weelicious Granola!) for us!

So here goes nothing as I try for a shortened run tomorrow and HOPEFULLY a good long run on Sunday!

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