Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Camping - Whole30 Style!

So I'll be the first to say that camping is NOT the same without beer and s'mores.  However, it was still a delightful weekend! 

We got to our campsite around 5:00, set up and got dinner ready. I didn't take a picture (it was probably 6:30 by then I was ready to chew my arm off!) but we had hot dogs and chicken brats (found at Whole Foods and compliant! Brat Hans brand). We had carrots and celery on the side. 

For "dessert," I stuck bananas on skewers and "roasted" them. I sprinkled a little cinnamon on and the kids went WILD! 

Saturday (and Sunday, breakfasts are always the same) we had "cereal" - a teeny bit of pecans, slivered almonds, cashews, dried cherries, some raisins and some coconut shreds with a little almond milk and a sliced banana.  This replaced the sugary cereals that are usually a camping "treat" (I buy the tiny boxes) to hold the kids off while we make the real breakfast (eggs and bacon this time, egg sandwiches usually) in the pie iron over the campfire. 

Lunch for me was 2 HB eggs, carrots, celery, watermelon and homemade zucchini/carrot chips. The rest of my family had Applegate roast beef also.

We took a good hike midday so when we came back we had a snack of pistachios, almonds and strawberries/grapes.

For dinner Saturday night, we had burgers with bacon, roasted sweet potatoes on the campfire (started those around 2pm!), and mini bell peppers that we put on skewers and roasted right on the fire!  I chopped apples in a little coconut oil and topped with cinnamon.  I put them on the fire for about an hour to get them all warm and gooey, then we ate them straight out of a bowl. Yum yum. 

All in all, while DIFFERENT from our usual camping trips, this one ranks right up there with the others! The food didn't make it any less enjoyable and it wasn't any more work to prep and eat "real" food. 
Me & my girl!

My boys.
Filing this one away for 10 years from now -
I'm sure I'll see this face again.

Happy and healthy, my kids were rockstars during the entirety of our Whole30!

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