Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Whole30 Days 1-3 Review

Sunday afternoon I began the daunting task of getting rid of all non-compliant food from our pantry.  The picture on the left is what's left. The picture on the right is all the food that I have boxed up and hidden away.  I only threw out things that were terrible and we didn't eat anyhow - and I gave away anything that would go bad before our 30 days is over. I don't know where we will be after this - and I'm sure we won't be eating lots of it - but there was no reason to throw it away at this point. 

Day 1 is under my belt and I'm ready for to post for accountability! 

Breakfast: hot tea, eggs, super green mix (kale, chard and spinach) and 2 homemade breakfast sausages. 
Lunch: Leftover chicken breast, more super green mix, 1/4 avocado and half a tomato
Dinner: Pork tenderloin rubbed with the BBQ spice mix from Well Fed, roasted purple cabbage with ghee, asparagus wrapped in Whole30 approved bacon (yay!) and grilled pineapple. 
Late night: Hot tea. 

Workout: Rest day 
Total Time: n/a
Total Calories Burned: n/a

Day 2.
I'm going through this food detox and also detox from a medication. I've been super light headed today. I also found out some pretty devastating news about our puppy, so there's that too... 

I count it as a win that I didn't drown myself in chocolate, pasta or wine today.   Me: 1, Stress: 0

Breakfast: 2 egg muffins (bacon, tomato, spinach), 1/4 an avocado, cup of super green mix
Lunch: small chicken breast, 3 cups super green mix, 1/2 hard boiled egg, 1/2 tomato. Tessamae's balsamic dressing. Leftover roasted cabbage. 
Mid-afternoon: cup of coffee with full fat canned coconut milk
Dinner: Sunshine spiced pork tenderloin, sweet potato with ghee and cinnamon, a few cups of green beans, 2 strawberries

Workout: Jamie Eason Livefit Training Day 36: Shoulder/Cardio. 
Total Time: 52 Min
Total Calories Burned: 352

My workout today was 5 min warmup run, lifting routine, and it was supposed to be a 30 minute run. But I was feeling so lightheaded and weak that I only made it 14 minutes. REALLY disheartening for me not to be able to complete a simple 30 minute run.  
Please tell me this will get better!!

Breakfast: 2 egg muffins, 1/2 avocado, coffee with full fat coconut milk from a can. 
PWO Snack: very underripe banana  (I know this isn't the best choice - but we ran to the store after the gym and this was the least of all evils I could grab and eat fast!!) 
Lunch: Chicken breast, super greens (probably 2 cups), Tessamae's zesty ranch and probably 1.5 cups of broccoli. 
Dinner: Salmon recipe from Well Fed (it was delish!), Nom Nom Paleo's roasted butternut squash, cucumber salad (evoo and acv) 

I had one pecan earlier (before dinner) and another cup of coffee/coconut milk this afternoon. 

Workout: Jamie Eason Livefit Training Day 37: Chest/Abs/Cardio
Total Time: 78 min
Total Calories Burned: 482 cals

Today's workout included a 5 min sprint as a warmup, lifting (chest/abs) and a 30 min run on the treadmill. Again felt lightheaded and had to stop a few times.  Hoping my energy returns soon!! 

Feeling great otherwise. Trying to remember to drink more water is hard for me but I am getting there! 

So - 1/10th of the way in and so far, I feel alarmingly well. Although according to this timeline, the worst is coming! I'm bracing myself but I'm cautiously optimistic that it won't get too bad.

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  1. A friend of mine did Whole 30 and blogged about it and I was struck then and now with how beautiful the food looks. It makes me want to try it just for that reason. Of at least eat more sweet potatoes--gorgeous! If I recall correctly my friend didn't workout at the beginning, and I'm pretty sure she said she was advised against if because of the initial energy drop. But then at some point she began feeling great. Hopefully that happens for you.