Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Eeeeeek!!! Day **25**

I am in absolute disbelief that we are on day 25 already. And yet I feel like we've been doing this FOR.EV.ER

I can't wait to step on a scale (yes I will be going back to it!) and take my measurements. I will be doing a final write up when we're done (MONDAY!)

I haven't talked about it much but I'm still working through the Jamie Eason training plan!  Day 58 was today and this week has been KILLER so far!!  I am a day behind, and will probably start getting more behind in the next few weeks, as we have a bunch of commitments as school winds up for the year. But I'm not stressing about it, because I am staying with it. I refuse to give up this close to the end! (I'm midway through week 9, it's a 12 week program!)

I feel stronger and I feel like my arms and legs have thinned out. I can't wait to get my body fat measured again to see if there's a difference. It's honestly the ONLY true difference I can think I've experienced. I don't feel like I've lost any weight. I certainly don't feel allergy free - my entire family has the WORST allergy/cold symptoms right now! 

So just a few more days!!    Most excited? 


We will definitely be having a celebratory glass of wine Monday night!! Whoop whoop!

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