Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Always an excuse...

I feel like I keep finding excuses not to work out!

I was doing well with Insanity, I was actually starting to feel LESS sore, although I still stop at least 10 times a workout to say "are you freaking KIDDING me, Shaun T?"

And then Friday, a tornado. Seriously. A tornado hit my street.

We were right in the middle of that path.  Thankfully, we sustained no more damage than losing a few big trees and some of our chain link fence. We lost power Friday. We bought a generator (BEST.PURCHASE.EVER) a few years ago and had that running to at least save us from losing everything in the fridge/freezer. Power was out Friday around 8pm until Monday around 2am. No power kind of hindered my Insanity!

On top of that, our tv doesn't work! Although my AMAZING hubby has come up with a work around, something fried our tv during the storm.

Excuses, excuses. I know. But I am going to start again tomorrow! I liked where this was going, so long as I stop feeling like vomiting during/after every single workout!

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