Monday, June 10, 2013

Operation: Accountability Day 1 :)

Survived day 1 :)

  • Bedtime will be 9pm on Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday. Fail- in bed by 9:30 tonight though! 
  • Alcohol will be two nights a week (it's been getting a little out of hand! Definitely part of the lbs being packed on!) none tonight! 
  • If I miss a day of working out, IWILL NOT throw in the towel n/a I worked out twice today! 
  • Same as above, if I don't keep a PERFECTLY clean day, I will NOT take comfort in the candy dish. I did pretty well with my eating
  • Goal: 15,000 steps/day. If it means I march around my house for an hour before bed, so be it. 17,003 is my total! 
Monday: Circuit & Kickboxing check

Today was great! I discovered a new smoothie that I like (weird because I HATE smoothies as a rule) and worked out twice! My 2 classes in the morning then my kickboxing class at night.

Feeling good. It felt awesome to be back to my classes- it was like going home!

Small victory: took the kids to Dairy Queen to meet some friends and I didn't order anything for me, not did I steal any of the kids' ice cream! 

I need to add "drink 100oz water/day minimum" to my list of new rules!

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