Friday, June 14, 2013

Day 5. Slipping but not drowning.

  • Bedtime will be 9pm on Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday.  n/a, yay weekends!
  • Alcohol will be two nights a week (it's been getting a little out of hand! Definitely part of the lbs being packed on!) Wine tonight. This is night two and I guarantee I will be having something tomorrow night because we are having a bbq with friends, so fail. But see two bullets down....
  • If I miss a day of working out, I WILL NOT throw in the towel 
  • Same as above, if I don't keep a PERFECTLY clean day, I will NOT take comfort in the candy dish. I'm not giving up just because I slipped on one front!! I forgot to take lunch to work today, thinking I could make it through (hoping for a short day, silly me ;-)  I started shaking around 2:30 and headed out. I was as good as I could be at a grocery store deli - a grilled Asian chicken breast and 1/4 lb of poppyseed cole slaw. And a great new snack, these yummies
  • Goal: 15,000 steps/day. If it means I march around my house for an hour before bed, so be it. Bwahahaha. Amendment: 10,000. Even still, I'm at 6692 right now. Probably not hitting 10K today either! But here's to a weekend of family fun!

Friday: Off

I DEFINITELY took my rest day seriously today. My back is so sore and achy... I just can't stand the thought of this taking weeks to heal, so I am really hopeful that I can kick the pain sooner rather than later. Aleve, muscle cream and hot water have helped so far. 

Just hoping to be able to get back to Insanity tomorrow, but let's be honest - if my back hurts, I'm not going for it. But it is the weekend and we can probably find the time to take a nice long walk as a family, which could get me to my 10K steps for sure!

The good news? I weighed in at 161.5 on Monday. This morning I weighed in at 157.5! So the changes I've made are obviously working.  I just need to stick with them long enough that they become routine! 

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