Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Day 3: ooohhh soooo sleepy

So the 4:30 wakeups have started catching up with me! I'm also trying to drink more water/less coffee so maybe that is the cause of my exhaustion today. (??) I know I was more irritable for sure (wanted to trip the guy walking around my cube at work talking on his cell phone for a half hour!) and sooo tired!

  • Bedtime will be 9pm on Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday.  Ugh, 10 now. 9 may be a bit unrealistic for me!
  • Alcohol will be two nights a week (it's been getting a little out of hand! Definitely part of the lbs being packed on!) One of my two tonight! Yum! Shiraz is even better when I'm not drinking it so often :-)
  • If I miss a day of working out, I WILL NOT throw in the towel  Nope!! Woke up at 4:30 and finished Insanity Pure Cardio!
  • Same as above, if I don't keep a PERFECTLY clean day, I will NOT take comfort in the candy dish.  No candy! I did have about 1Tbsp of flavored creamer today in my coffee (see the first paragraph about being exhausted... :-) 
  • Goal: 15,000 steps/day. If it means I march around my house for an hour before bed, so be it.  9,600 as of 10:04pm, but I may be able to wander around enough to hit 10,000. 15,000 will be hard tonight :( 

Wednesday: Insanity AM DONE! although I must admit I'm disappointed that after I drip sweat for 45 minutes, my FitBit only gives me 275 calories burned! I feel like it burns a WHOLE LOT MORE :-) 

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  1. You are doing Great! Keep it up, one day at a time!!