Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Day 2. Baby steps!

Thanks to my lovely early rising friends who sent me FB messages and texts at 4:30 this am, I woke up and did Insanity! And thankfully it was Cardio Recovery because I am so sore I don't think I could have managed ANYTHING ELSE! My back, my legs, my shoulders, my abs - all killing me. And I am loving EVERY second of it!

  • Bedtime will be 9pm on Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday.  10:19 now and haven't gotten ready. Fail. 
  • Alcohol will be two nights a week (it's been getting a little out of hand! Definitely part of the lbs being packed on!) None tonight!
  • If I miss a day of working out, I WILL NOT throw in the towel I worked out this morning at 5! Woop woop!
  • Same as above, if I don't keep a PERFECTLY clean day, I will NOT take comfort in the candy dish. I did pretty well today. I'm well under my calorie goal and didn't "cheat"
  • Goal: 15,000 steps/day. If it means I march around my house for an hour before bed, so be it. Fail. I'm at 6,116 and only plan on walking from my chair to the bathroom to get ready for bed, then into bed. Still hoping to wake up tomorrow am, even with the late bedtime!

Tuesday: Insanity AM Done!

3/5 goals met isn't too bad, odds are in my favor. And tomorrow is another day!

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