Saturday, June 29, 2013

Majority says...

Find something new. 

Thanks for all of the responses, support and advice after my last post. The resounding majority of you said it's time to find something new, it's obvious I'm not happy.

So now I just need to brainstorm what I can do that will fit into that 4:30am time slot and will make me happy.  I'm toying with the idea of running (although my neighborhood is NOT good for running - running the whole thing only gets me about a mile, a mile and a half TOPS, before I start doing circles.)  I also have a few games on the Wii that I could do - Zumba, Biggest Loser, Pilates. 

So this week I am going to get back to getting up early (although I am off the majority of the week because my baby girl turns FIVE on Wednesday!) and trying out different things. I definitely plan on hitting the gym a few times, hopefully for some of my very favorite classes like kickboxing and cardio circuit. 

I need to get my eating in line again.  I log everything in MFP  but most days I'm over the allotted calories. After this week, I am going to sit down and start meal planning again.  I stopped at the store and bought massive amounts of veggies this week. My goal is to stop keeping such strict track of everything and to try moderation. I'm NOT good at moderation, if you haven't noticed. I need goals, number like goals, or else I just lose track of what I am supposed to be doing.    I am going to continue to track on MFP, I will start working out, but I'm no longer going to keep track of the other things I was tracking (sleep, water, drinks, etc).  It was just too much to keep up with. It's one thing to be accountable to someone, it's another to be so bureaucratic about it. 

I did register for the Halloween 10K the other day. My awesome friend C is going to come in and run it with me! Our tentative plan is to dress up as Super Moms. Our costumes will rock. My goal is sub 60. But since I haven't run since the Run in Color run in Evansville - who knows if that's realistic. I had an opportunity to run this morning when the kids were playing at the playground and it was REALLY not appealing to do it! I guess we'll see this week. :-) 

I went with Jen to try on my bridesmaid dress. You know, the one we ordered in February, before I started working, when I was at the gym 4 days a week, 2 hours a day...  Needless to say, it fit a BIT differently than it would have.  I can zip it (thankfully) but I certainly can't breathe when it's zipped. And I don't like the way it bunches around my waist/hips. So that is my motivation for the next 63 days. I even told my boss I was going to have the photo printed and put it in her candy drawer! Gentle reminders! :-) 

This picture is from last spring, but same bikes!
We did go on a lovely family bike ride today.  My husband took my son in the trailer and I had my daughter on the trail-along bike. It's not a bad workout, especially when she's "helping" ;-)  We went about 3 miles then stopped at the park and let the kids play. Then we headed back the same way but passed the car for an additional 1.5 miles. All told, our ride was 9 miles in about 55 minutes. Not speedy but we were out.  Hubby did make the observation that the calorie burn compared between running and biking is NOT comparable at all - it was about 260 calories for a 55 min ride.  NOT super athletic but I'm glad we got to go out as a family!

Gosh she looks so little here!

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